Venice Unleashed – Closed Beta Enlistment!

Hello folks!

As of now, the enlistment system for the Closed Beta of Venice Unleashed is open!

Venice Unleashed is the name of our upcoming Battlefield 3 project, a/k/a ‘project Venice’ (for more information about features check the enlistment page).

So, whether you are a Battlefield Veteran, a YouTuber, a Modder, a DICE employee or just someone who simply enjoys video games, feel free to submit your enlistment request!

After you have submitted your request, we will review it and let you know if you have been selected when the Closed Beta launches.

You can access the Enlistment System by clicking here.

Got questions, bug reports or generally want to say hi? Feel free to mail us at info -at-

Note for you cheap kiddies: This isn’t going to be a way to play for free. A fully updated and licensed copy of the game is required.

Best Regards,
Emulator Nexus staff


  1. mahesh says:

    i have a original bf3 premium edition, so does that qualify me to play this one too for free or should i pay for this one seperately?

  2. RoHunter says:

    this is grate news … hope ill be in the beta …:D

  3. m0k1 says:

    @mahesh you can play this one for free if you have original one :) All you need is original one. This project is FREE.

  4. Marshall says:

    Soon™ ? At least you guys get that, an application submission for trying?

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