VU – Modding in Venice Unleashed – Part 2

In the previous Modding in VU post, we talked about the VeniceEXT extension system, and how it will empower modders and content-creators with the ability to create awesome and unique modifications for Battlefield 3.

But VeniceEXT isn’t the only tool we will be providing to our community for modifying and tailoring the gaming experience to their needs.

In this blog post we will talk about Rime (previously known as IceEditor), and how with it (in conjunction with VeniceEXT), modders and content-creators will be able to give the game a whole new aura, with limitless new possibilities.

Read more on the Venice Unleashed Blog.

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  1. aip says:

    Hi, will be in the future possible to make custom maps for bf3? Cuz that would be totally awesome!

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