Development Roadmap for the Venice Project

First of all, Venice is not a final name and is subject to change.
Moving on, here’s a list of things I want to finish before reaching public beta stage (public release):

  • A functional Blaze emulator with most needed stuff implemented (including stats and maybe coop)
  • Initial implementation of the Extension system allowing you to make gamemode modifications (more info on this will come later on)
  • An external application with the following features:
    • Keep your client up-to-date
    • Allow you to browse a list of active servers
    • Allow you to view info on a specific server and join it
    • Allow you to browse a list of active servers based on custom filters
  • Built-in variables allowing you to modify settings like blue tint, fov, etc.
  • Re-enable previously disabled game features (like spectating, etc.)
  • Basic support for file modifications

After public release I would like to focus on features like:

  • An ingame server browser
  • A more extensive Extension system allowing you to create completely new gamemodes
  • Web-based stat overview interface

And more…

I’ll be posting development updates mainly on Emulator Nexus forums but also on my blog.
As always, there is no ETA so all you can do is stay tuned!


  1. Snap says:

    Thank you.
    I’m waiting :)

  2. Wo ist der “Donate” Button? Großartig!
    Where is the “Donate” Button? Great! Waiting for it!

  3. alaaismailka says:

    thanx man,,
    we are waiting

  4. aXeSwY says:


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