Venice Unleashed Enlistments, Closed Beta and Stats!

As you might have noticed, the Venice Unleashed Enlistment website has been disabled for the past few months.

Our goal was initially to collect ~7k enlistments, but due to various reasons (explained in the previous post) we decided to wait up till 10k.


So that’s what happened.

A while after we reached 10k, we closed the enlistment site and replaced it with a temporary website until we had content to showcase.


Now, if you have enlisted you might be wondering when and how you will be picked, how will you be informed, etc.

So here’s the process of selecting enlisted players that will participate in the Closed Beta:


First of all, all enlistments go through an automated filtering system.

The filtering system is responsible for removing duplicates and other invalid enlistments and then sorting them based on an automatically computed preference score (which is calculated using the provided enlistment data).

After filtering, we go through all the enlistments by hand and collect the ones that we think should be entitled to join the closed beta.

Finally, we input those enlistments into another system, which randomly selects them until it has reached the maximum number of accepted players and then randomly categorizes them into waves.


When the Closed Beta launches, unique serial keys will be generated for each of the selected players, who will then be notified on their provided e-mail.

Those serial keys will be redeemable on a website that will be provided at that time, along with instructions on how to acquire and use our client.

I should also note that players will be accepted in waves, which means that not everyone will be notified at once.


Moreover, we initially thought about selecting ~500 players for the Closed Beta, but because of recent events we decided to pump that number up to ~1200 players! <3


Finally, here’s an infographic:


  1. ZILZAL says:

    i guess the 11% which you say they are from Future
    if it was about BF4 maybe they pre-ordered BF4.

  2. adonis29 says:

    Hello.. I have a question for NoFaTe…….If i have the battlefield 3 premium edition and my player get baned on ea servers by punckbuster global..i gona be able to play on project Venice whit my game whit people in nexus?

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September 14, 2013 Emulator Nexus, Venice Unleashed